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Correlation between practical education and career preparedness
December 10th, 2010   Posted by: Bafforic
Is there a direct correlation between practical education and career preparedness? I believe so. It is rather frustrating to see so many candidates applying for jobs with little or no experience.
A recent trend in the United States is companies hiring interns as permanent staff. Another trend is more and more organizations prefer hiring candidates with some internship experience. The reason is quite simple..........hire a candidate with working experience cuts down on training costs and time.
This is not what we are practicing in Ghana. Why are we not? Does the system have enough interns to get hired by organizations? Do our organizations even think of that as an option (hiring interns) and lastly, how many organizations are even willing to offer internships (paid or non-paid) to create a larger set of qualified candidates. Is the business sector ready or willing to take up that task?
Posted in Education | 6 Comments | Post a Comment
How to apply for a job
November 25th, 2010   Posted by: Bafforic
The past few weeks have been rather frustrating. I am now wondering if jobseekers actually take their time to read the job descriptions and especially the how to apply section. It's becoming obvious they don't!
I have been fielding calls from clients who are frustrated because candidates have actually been hand-delivering resumes to their offices even though the application details specifically request applications to be sent by email. Just yesterday, a gentleman called to ask for directions of an employer. Why, because he would prefer to hand deliver the application against the wishes of the employer; instructions require applications only be by email. Wow, so what other options are there beyond employers and recruiters dumping resumes sent the improper way.
Should employers and recruiters be blamed for a jobseeker's reckless disregard for instructions? I think not. As long as a jobseeker does not follow the application instruction spelt out on the posting, he or she should consider kissing their chances good-bye.
Posted in Job Search | 14 Comments | Post a Comment
Inappropriate behaviour in the workplace
November 20th, 2010   Posted by: Bafforic
I have been very interested in gathering stats and comments about the most ridiculous behaviour you have experienced in the workplace.
I remember an ex-boss who used to break wind loudly and with no apologies, not to mention one being crude. Another example is dating in the workplace. It is deemed inappropriate because of the potential problems that may arise.
An article indicates every place of employment has a different demeanor and if you are a person of authority in your workplace, it is up to you to define what appropriate behavior is and what would be deemed unacceptable.
Now the question is what is considered appropriate behavior in the workplace. Is it always defined or some are assumed?
Posted in Workplace | 2 Comments | Post a Comment
Loyalty in business?
February 16th, 2010   Posted by: Bafforic
I hooked this guy with a job and now he is not willing to hook me up with deals. These are common complaints I hear in daily life. The question is does your friend owe you for that favor. That is very dicey depending on the situation and the friendship. Do you compromise your friendship on giving favors that are borderline immoral or illegal? That is up to the individual. If the intended reciprocated favor is within the rules of the game, then fine. If not, then what do you do?
Posted in Doing business | 2 Comments | Post a Comment

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