Senior Subsea Engineer


Company Stena Drillin...
Industry Oil/ Gas
Category Skilled labor...
Location Takoradi
Job Status Contract
Salary GH¢ 
Education Qualified
Experience 15 years
Job Expires Sep 19, 2018
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Job Description

Senior Subsea Engineer – Roles & responsibilities:

  • Supervise the correct assembly, operation, maintenance, testing and disconnection of the subsea blowout preventer, marine riser and related equipment.
  • Maintain and repair heave compensating equipment.
  • Maintain subsea running and retrieving tools and supervise the running and retrieving of all subsea equipment.
  • Maintain Planned Maintenance requirements in area of responsibility.
  • Ensure all subsea equipment conforms to vessel’s class and applicable API requirements.
  • Ensure all modifications, breakdowns, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of subsea equipment has been entered into the TAG system. Ensure TAG system equipment details and maintenance procedures are relevant and up to date.
  • Ensure the installation has adequate supplies for the maintenance of subsea equipment.  
  • Advise the Senior Toolpusher of any impending downtime/ equipment failure.
  • Ensure good housekeeping in area of responsibility.
  • Calculate ton cycles for tensioner wires (if applicable), implementing and recording slip and cut programme.
  • Record riser usage on each well, maintain tension record tracking spreadsheet and identify inspection requirements.
  • Prepare BOP test reports.
  • Identify requirements, prepare justifications, source quotations and prepare annual Subsea Department budget. Monitor and adhere to Subsea budget on a monthly basis.
  • Be aware of Contract and RE Bills relating to Subsea Equipment.
  • Be fully conversant with Level 2 procedures and ensure Level 5 (RSWMs) are fully updated with current work practices and are in accordance with SMS.
  • Supervise Cameron CamServ Engineer (if applicable) and ensure equipment failures are identified, recorded and closed out by Cameron.
  • Ensure all equipment modification work is carried out in accordance with Stena management of change procedures
  • Ensure any software changes are carried out in accordance with Stena software control procedures.
  • Participate in operational meetings.
  • Keep Senior Toolpusher informed of the status within the Subsea Department.   
  • Consult with the Senior Toolpusher and Operator’s Representative regarding the operations forecast.
  • Complete work log on a daily basis.
  • Participate in Pre-Job Safety Meetings incorporating the relevant Risk Assessment for the specific task. Pay particular attention to hand and body placement for all operations involving close proximity to heavy equipment.
  • Attend weekly safety meetings.
  • Complete a documented end-of-tour handover in line with Stena Drilling’s Handover / Reporting Procedure.  
  • Ensure relevant safety alerts are communicated to the Subsea Department and actions completed as required.   
  • Consult an approved copy of the Operator’s Instructions and the Drilling Programme regarding information relative to the Subsea Department.
  • Ensure the appropriate barriers are in place and the relative announcement made on the PA system prior to the commencement of critical operations.
  • Notify the Toolpusher prior to the commencement of any man riding operations.
  • Allocate tasks to Subsea Engineer, Subsea Engineer 2, Assistant Subsea Engineer, Trainee Subsea Engineer and Camserv Engineer where applicable and provide adequate supervision in order to ensure that all such tasks are carried out in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Responsible and accountable for the safety of the personnel working under their direction and shall be expected to conduct operations at all times in full compliance with company procedures (SMS).
  • Identify and address any violations of procedures concerning personnel under their direction.
  • Continuous or repeated violations of policies or procedures should be highlighted and brought to the attention of the HoD/Master-OIM.
  • Comply with the Management of Change Principle.
  • Actively participate in accident/incident investigations when required.

Health, Safety & Environment

  • Work according to and promote Stena Drilling’s HS&E Policies and Procedures as well as fully commit to preventing any damage to the environment.
  • Responsible and accountable to conduct their tasks in full compliance with Stena Drilling Limited procedures.
  • Comply with Stena Drilling procedures for management of risk and Safe Behaviour
  • Programme; ensuring that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out for all work activities.
  • Participate in the STOP system, complete and submit cards after discussions. Monitor and coach crew members to participate in STOP and carry out STOP audits.
  • Promote Stena Drilling’s “Golden Rules” and the rig’s “House Rules” during team discussions.
  • Attend and participate in Tool Box Talks.
  • Ensure work site is safe and that all tools used are in a satisfactory condition.
  • Ensure that storage, handling and use of chemicals are done in accordance with procedures.
  • Ensure equipment is secured to prevent movement due to wind or rig motion.
  • Ensure familiar with correct use, type and location of all Oil Spill Equipment.
  • Comply with Stena Drilling’s waste segregation policy.

Required Skills or Experience

  • Previous experience on a similar unit
  • Industry recognised engineering qualifications
  • 20 years relative previous experience
  • Previous experience on similar unit
  • Ability to read technical drawings
  • IWCF Well Control Level 4 Supervisor
  • Industry Recognised Engineering Qualifications
  • Previous Experience as Subsea Engineer
  • Previous Experience with similar Subsea Systems
  • Ability to read technical drawings
  • Hose Termination / Assembly
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties
  • Rigging & Lifting, LOLER (Supervisors)
  • TAG
  • Drilling Riser Analysis
  • High Pressure Testing
  • Accident Investigation
  • Slingers and Banksman
  • Abrasive Wheels
  • HP Washdown
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platform / Cherry Picker
  • Height - Work at Height and Harness Equip User - Unit 2
  • Height - Rescue - Use of Rescue Equip - Unit 3
  • Supervisory, extensive knowledge and operation of Cameron Mark III well control control systems.
  • Supervisory, extensive knowledge and operation of Cameron TL BOP’s
  • Supervisory, extensive knowledge and operation of HMI (Human Machine Interface) Control Systems
  • Supervisory, extensive knowledge and operation of HDI (Houston Digital Instruments) Control Systems
  • Supervisory, extensive knowledge and operation of NOV (National Oilwell Varco) Compensating equipment
  • Supervisory, extensive knowledge and operation of NOV Direct Acting Tensioner systems
  • Supervisory, extensive knowledge and operation of Cameron Load King Riser Systems
  • Supervisory, extensive knowledge and operation of Dual Stack Activities

How To Apply

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