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Job Expires Aug 21, 2021
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Company Profile

Capetano as a holding company has vast experience in the oil and gas both onshore and offshore sectors and an extensive know-how in both upstream and down stream logistics through our various companies and partners.

Job Description

CAPETANO is seeking an experienced Agronomist to support the development of POLYTER, a hydro-retainer, fertiliser and growth promoter, recently registered in Ghana.
In addition to the general responsibilities required for any Agronomist, specific skills are expected in the execution of this promotional function.
The main responsibilities of an agronomist are as follows
  • Preparation and management of crop improvement and production enhancement plans.
  • Design and coordination of land use planning projects for agricultural land and forests
  • Production planning and management in agricultural, fruit and vegetable, livestock and food enterprises
  • Plant treatment and green space management (agricultural, forestry and urban environments)
  • Laboratory testing of plant and food products
  • Agricultural, agri-food, livestock, forestry and environmental quality certification
  • Preservation of the sustainability, safety and quality of the environment
  • Carrying out land use planning in accordance with the applicable legislation
  • Landscape planning
In addition, the Agronomist must be able to:
  • Develop innovative research-based techniques in agronomist functions and programmes.
  • Create strategies to enhance crop production and management.
  • Study, evaluate and assess soil chemistry and soil testing.
  • Initiate newer techniques in soil management processes.
  • To study and evaluate plants, their biological aspects and growth behaviour.
  • To give lectures to students on soil and crop management issues.
  • Lead and guide agronomy students on research and development issues.
  • Conducting research on the latest trends in crop and soil management.
  • Develop ways to make crops more resistant to pests.
  • Develop and implement quality initiatives in agronomy programmes.
In the specific context of the assignment with CAPETANO, the following are the specific tasks to be performed by the successful candidate.

Required Skills or Experience

  • Good communication skills
    • Good command of English (oral and written), the major national languages, and if possible French.
    • Good contacts with the agricultural community and with technical institutions in charge of agriculture in Ghana.
  • Good knowledge of the POLYTER, in theory and in practice
    • Theory: nature, composition, advantages, limitations, various applications
    • Practical: protocols of use for the various plants in Ghana, adaptation to local conditions, mastery of the various stages of plant development (nursery, seed, cuttings, potting, grafting, growth, strengthening, etc.)
  • Know how to search for and transmit the necessary information
    • Be open-minded and curious to seek, understand and pass on important knowledge in the field of agriculture in general and the POLYTER product in particular.
    • Have a basic understanding of office procedures related to data management and understanding
    • Ability to use computer software (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Google, etc.) in an office environment to accomplish specific tasks
    • Ability to prepare and write good reports and technical outreach materials accessible to the populations concerned.
    • Team spirit to collaborate smoothly with colleagues in an interdisciplinary setting.
  • Be able to quickly research the technical parameters of agriculture in Ghana
    • Current agricultural, market gardening and forestry production in the country
    • Nature of soils in different regions
    • Methods of physico-chemical analysis of soils
    • Geography and climate: seasonal cycles, hydrology, temperatures, hygrometry, etc.
    • Cultivation techniques in the different types of exploitation (artisanal, manual, mechanised, industrial, etc.)
  • Adapt the technical documents of the producing company to the local context
    • Strong knowledge of sustainable agriculture and environmental techniques
    • Open-mindedness and flexibility towards innovations
  • Setting up protocols and technical documents 
    • Creation, adaptation and drafting of user protocols and various technical documents for national users of the POLYTER
    • Organisation of tests highlighting the qualities of the POLYTER.
    • Ability to correctly and clearly communicate the technical and economic benefits to POLYTER users
    • Capacity to extend and mobilise farmers in local communities
  • Informing and training colleagues in society for representation to national institutions and farmers
    • Act as an interface between information holders and society
    • Have a pedagogical approach with a facility to explain, synthesise and popularise technical information
    • Have a welcoming and flexible attitude, ready to help other staff with specific tasks when needed
  • Organise information and awareness campaigns
    • Designing, planning and coordinating campaigns with individual users and cooperatives.
    • Active participation in trade fairs and other agricultural related events.
    • Participate in seminars and other meetings with agronomic peers for professional exchange

How To Apply

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