Recruitment/Headhunting Process
We use a combination of methods to identify a large pool of potential candidates for each search project. These include searching in our extensive databases, networking, headhunting and proactively contacting and recruiting potential candidates. Based on our knowledge of your organization and specific position requirements

Permanent staffing
Our highly qualified team of partners has extensive experience across a wide cross-section of industries and almost any job you care to imagine. We focus on delivering the right kind of people for the job – whether it be filling positions at the boardroom or senior leadership levels, sourcing external candidates, benchmarking internal candidates, offering advice on retaining employees.

Contracting and Interim Management (Outsourcing)

We understand companies’ need for flexibility in an environment of constantly changing needs and workloads. We therefore provide short-term staff, contractors and interim consultants specifically for those situations. We make sure companies have access to industry professionals when needed

Post a job in minutes: Fill out the posting form with the job description and submit!

Log into your Employer account and click on the Manage Jobs tab. You will then see the Post A Job tab. Click on the tab to proceed with your job posting.

Price Per Posting - A Savings Comparison

1 Job

GHS 75.00 per job


2 - 4 Jobs

GHS 72.75 per job

Save 3% per job

  5 - 9 Jobs

GHS 69.75 per job

Save 7% per job

10+ Jobs

GHS 67.50 per job

Save 10% per job

Rates are VAT exclusive: VAT 17.5%

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With our manpower outsourcing solution services, we take care of the entire process of recruiting and managing most critical HR functions for contractors. This takes a lot of pressure off a client's HR role: (i) allowing you to focus on your core business and (ii) providing you with greater flexibility in managing your staffing needs.

We work according to the terms of the employment (which include compensation and benefit packages for the employees) determined by the client.

Our services include:

  • Recruitment through our extensive candidate search process
  • Employing contractors based on clients’ terms
  • Securing the necessary employment permits for foreigners
  • Handling all payroll matters, including all statutory contributions
  • Handling all tax matters
  • Administering leave
  • Administering staff benefits
  • Customised reports for clients’ review
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