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Company Proforest Afr...
Category Agriculture
Location Accra
Job Status Permanent
Salary GHC72,000 to ...
Education Tertiary
Experience 1 year
Job Expires Jan 31, 2022
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Company Profile

Proforest is a non-profit organisation with a global presence. Our head office is in the UK with regional offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Ghana, Columbia, and Brazil. Proforest has established itself as a leader in the development and implementation of sustainable production and sourcing of natural resources, including timber and a range of agricultural commodities (eg. palm oil, soy, cocoa, sugar etc), helping companies, governments, non-governmental and civil society organisations to achieve sustainable production and use of the world’s natural resources.

Proforest provides practical support to producers, processors, purchasers and investors to help them meet their sustainability commitments. We work at every stage of the supply chain, from production and processing, through to purchasing and investment. Our experience covers the management of forests, oil palm, soy, sugarcane, rubber, beef, coffee, shea and cotton at a range of scales that includes smallholders, communities and forest-dependent people through to multinational businesses.

Proforest is made up of a non-profit (charitable) arm which focuses on long-term support for small producers and wider capacity building, particularly in developing countries and a consultancy arm which provides direct support and services to the private sector companies.

Proforest Programmes
Proforest’s programmes create the enabling environment and build the capacity required for the private sector, working with governments and civil society, to deliver agriculture and forest commodities sustainably at scale. Large-scale impact can only be achieved if localised efforts to improve agricultural and forestry practices are supported by wider changes needed to make sustainable practices the norm.

Our programmes support this broader transformational change. We build the enabling environment and address key barriers to better practices among the private sector, governments and civil society. We foster awareness of the issues, build capacity and promote local leadership of sustainability initiatives. A critical component of our work is the facilitation of collaboration. This includes multistakeholder initiatives (MSI), sector and company collaborations, and collaboration in specific landscapes and jurisdictions

Job Description

Proforest Africa Office in Ghana is seeking a Programme Manager with an experience in agriculture, Forestry or natural resource sector to join our growing team based in Accra, Ghana and to manage programmes and deliver services within the Africa region.

Position summary
This position is an exciting opportunity to join the Proforest team and develop your skills and experience, working closely with senior project and programme managers to support implementation. As you gain experience, demonstrate competence you will be able to take an ever-increasing role with the potential to become a more senior member of the team over time. This will be supported by our internal development programme which provides a combination of formal training courses and supervised field experience. The role includes undertaking a broad range of work and involves international travel, including to remote locations mainly in African countries.

Main Responsibilities
The main responsibilities include:

  • Provide technical support to the implementation of current and future programmes in the region
  • Provide technical support on environmental and social topics (e.g. forest protection, land rights, labour rights) to Proforest range of landscape and jurisdictional programmes working through donor-funded programmes
  • Work collaboratively with other Proforest entities around the world to support implementation of, and learn lessons from, landscape and jurisdictional approaches around the world
  • Lead and facilitate multi-stakeholder processes and engagement – bringing together companies, and other stakeholder organisations to identify and agree on common vision, goals and objectives, including systems to measure and report progress
  • Contribute to Proforest leadership on development and implementation of policies on sustainable natural resources management, through sustainability standards and certification schemes in Africa
  • Maintain a clear understanding of the current policy and framework direction relating to the responsible production and sourcing of forest products and agricultural commodities in Africa
  • Occasional work as required on other related projects especially in relation to sustainability standards and certification schemes, training and capacity building
  • Contribute to the broader functioning of the Proforest’s team, including support for the planning and delivery of other services.
  • Contribute to other areas of Proforest’s work, including supporting multistakeholder initiatives, voluntary sustainability standards and other project and programme work

Other Duties and Responsibilities
The position holder will carry out other tasks that may be assigned by the Proforest Director or his/her representative as may be required. Other responsibilities associated with this will include the following:

  • Where required, represent Proforest in relevant regional, sub-regional, international and other meetings and forums on natural resources governance and management
  • Remain abreast with natural resources and agricultural commodities production and their related issues in the Africa region.
  • Provide inputs and contribute to the Proforest regional-wide programme development for sustainable forestry and  agricultural commodities production in Africa

Annual  salary of GHC72,000 to GHC90,000 depending on qualification and experience

Required Skills or Experience

Essential Qualifications, Experience, Skills:

  • A minimum od Tertiary level (masters or equivalent) qualification in a relevant discipline (e.g. forestry or agriculture, conservation ecology, anthropology, rural development, geography, environmental science or natural resource economics).
  • At least one-year experience working in the field of biodiversity conservation and land use management (e.g. field-based ecology & biodiversity assessments; species, habitat or ecosystem service management; socioeconomic or cultural studies including participatory mapping).
  • A demonstrable understanding of environmental and social sustainability issues in the forestry and agricultural commodity sectors, and experience in working with industries in the sector.
  • Project management skills (including excellent time-management, problem-solving and organisational abilities)
  • Highly developed interpersonal and team working skills, as well as proven ability to operate in a multi-cultural environment
  • Excellent report writing and verbal skills
  • Excellent communications skills to share lessons learned from on-the-ground implementation activities: 
    • Internally, to translate and integrate practical lessons learned into guidance for use in other places and contexts, and to support global initiatives 
    • Externally, to help scale up/replicate successes, reduce redundancies and optimise resources 
    • To explain complex technical challenges and activities to a range of different audiences 

Highly desirable skills

  • Fluent in a second language (particularly Spanish, Portuguese or French)
  • Experience and/or knowledge of sustainability standards auditing, and certification, in the context of natural resource management (e.g. RSPO, FSC, RTRS, mining standards, IFC’s Performance Standards and REDD+).
  • Experience related to working in natural or plantation forest management and/or agricultural commodity production systems, especially oil palm, sugar and cocoa.
  • Experience in High Conservation Value (HCV) assessment and management for agricultural and forestry production systems.
  • Familiarity with relevant tools and methodologies related to responsible sourcing and production of agricultural and forestry commodities, such as landscape and jurisdictional approaches, the High Conservation Value (HCV) approach, the High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA) and Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) and Human Rights Due Diligence. 
  • Highly developed interpersonal and team-working skills, as well as proven ability to operate in a multi-cultural environment 

How To Apply

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