General Manager, Manufacturing


Company Acreaty Ghana...
Industry Manufacturing
Category Operations
Location Accra
Job Status Full-time
Salary Competitive
Education Master’...
Experience 10 years
Job Expires Jan 19, 2017
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Job Description


Responsible for the overall direction, management, monitoring and supervision of the operational performance of the Company to ensure the attainment of the Company’s goals and objectives. 


Business Strategy & Policy Development 

  • Provide technical expertise in the development and implementation of strategic business plan for the subsidiary as input into the overall corporate strategy of the Group.  
  • Provide leadership in the development of policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), work plan and other support systems including monitoring mechanisms in managing the subsidiary to achieve targeted objectives. 
  • Liaise with Management and/or Board to develop and implement strategy for new business development, marketing and communication that is appropriate to the current needs of the Company and take advantage of opportunities available.
  • Responsible for communicating, integrating and monitoring the implementation of approved business strategy and plan.
  • Lead in the implementation of comprehensive strategy and tactical plan for business development, income generation and awareness-creation for the Group.
  • Participate and provide technical expertise in the overall process of management and corporate decision-making to ensure the Group maximises its short, medium and long-term profitability and shareholder returns. 

Technical Strategy & Policy Development

  • Provide leadership for the development and implementation of a payment platform with multiple payment channels.
  • Spearhead the development and acquire partners enabling the integration of Banks, Mobile Money as well as various card processing companies.
  • Lead the development and implementation of network of point of sale terminals for retail transaction providers nationwide in order to make it the payment platform of choice.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of a simple way to use API to enable all application developers and system integrators to easily integrate it to their application and systems.
  • Develop and implement innovative notification and monitoring visibility for all users in order to make users have control of the service and their transactions.

Market & Business Analysis 

  • Provide strategic direction in the management of the Company’s marketing and sales functions in pursuance of the Company’s business objectives. 
  • Spearhead the marketing effort and functions of the Company to maintain a visible and active presence in the local and international market to enhance new business acquisition whilst supporting existing relationships.
  • Develop comprehensive sales and marketing strategies and plan, including pricing models to meet the Company’s targeted objective and overall business plan.
  • Direct research activities on existing markets and competitors to identify strength, weakness, opportunities and threats for the Company and develop measures to minimise the impact of threats and take advantage of the identified opportunities to maximise market share and profit.
  • Provide leadership and direction in researching on the changing needs and expectations of customers/clients (existing and prospective) to inform the development of new products, services and projects for the Company’s business operations.
  • Lead/direct and provide technical expertise in the development of marketing campaigns for new products and services and monitor its implementation to ensure compliance with approved strategies and policies.

Business Development Initiatives

  • Provide leadership and technical expertise in the conception and formulation of new business ideas into saleable projects and identify potential investors/partners for off-taker agreements in line with the Subsidiary’s long-term vision and business strategy. 
  • Review, analyse and evaluate approved business strategies/plan for new business initiatives and provide detailed financial models to examine value of income generating business model ideas in line with the Company’s overall strategy and plan.
  • Stay abreast with current government policy interventions on emerging bi-lateral and multi-lateral economic/social development initiatives and advise Management on potential business opportunities.
  • Provide leadership in sourcing, managing and implementing new business opportunities and initiatives in line with the Subsidiary’s overall business strategy.
  • Provide leadership in the development of business proposals and major bids in line with required specifications (technical, regulatory, etc.) and service/project management standards.
  • Review and analyse the operating business markets of the Subsidiary and government’s development agenda regarding private sector participation and/or initiative and initiate action to position the Subsidiary for business opportunities.
  • Provide technical expertise and advice to Management and Board on the Subsidiary’s business operations and other interventions to expand operations to become more competitive and viable.
  • Develop innovative ideas and approaches to improve the Subsidiary’s business and service delivery.

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Develop a monitoring system to ensure that on-going services rendered conform to the approved business initiative/idea, cost-effective, of high quality and meet the needs of targeted group/clients as well as the strategic focus of the Subsidiary.
  • Monitor potential new business opportunities and decide on which opportunities to pursue in close collaboration with all stakeholders and identify avenues for project financing.
  • Monitor the operational activities of the Subsidiary to ensure efficient and effective marketing, advertising and promotional planning of the Subsidiary’s services and products.

Stakeholder  Relations & Management 

  • Establish and maintain professional relationships and liaise closely with policy makers, government officials, MDAs and other business executives to explore business opportunities and advise Management and/or Board as appropriate.
  • Facilitate the development of strategic partnerships with potential business investors (local and international) for the Subsidiary’s businesses.
  • Network and work with key stakeholders and other organizations (NGOs, private companies, and government) to generate ideas, create partnerships and implement business models.

Financial & Audit Management

  • Responsible for the preparation of the annual budget for the Subsidiary and monitor its implementation to ensure compliance.
  • Participate in the negotiations for the award of contract to suppliers, consultants and contractors.
  • Certify and recommend for payment invoices, claims, receipts etc. 
  • Coordinate all internal and external audit programmes at the Subsidiary and follow-up to ensure that audit queries are handled expeditiously.

Information & Reporting

  • Stay abreast with business-related legislations, rules and regulations in Ghana and countries of potential and current business partners and advise Management as appropriate. 
  • Responsible for the development of comprehensive database to track and provide information on all projects and other business initiatives undertaken by the company.
  • Keep CEO and Board informed of potential business initiatives and emerging trends and best practices in project financing and management. 
  • Responsible for the preparation of monthly/quarterly and annual report(s) to Management, Board and other relevant stakeholders to aid in decision making. 

Employee Performance & Development

  • Maintain a professional staff with sufficient knowledge, skills, experience and professional certification. 
  • Hold direct reports accountable for managing their assignments to ensure the Company’s goals are achieved.
  • Conduct performance appraisal and provide input for career development and recommend performance incentives for direct reports.
  • Identify training needs and facilitate training for direct reports.

Required Skills or Experience

  • Master’s degree Business Administration or related field.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering or related field. 
  • Must be a member of a recognised professional body.
  • At least ten (10) years relevant work experience with at least five (5) years in a senior management position.


  • Considerable knowledge of Bank of Ghana regulations, and other regulatory bodies/agencies on payment platforms and policies around cashless society with regard to business operations and/or relations with foreign content. 
  • Solid knowledge/understanding of various payment platforms and its operation.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and thorough understanding of business strategic development.
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of the business environments of Ghana and other foreign countries of importance to the Company.
  • Entrepreneurial drive, passion and ability to help shape the organisation’s marketing and communication strategy.
  • Proven knowledge and understanding of project management and administration.  
  • Ability to provide strategic leadership and management, ensuring that the vision is not lost in the daily operations of the organisation. 
  • Strong leadership, managerial, mentoring, coaching and interpersonal skills in a "team" setting.
  • Ability to set clear priorities between competing demands for resources and manage own tasks and priorities effectively. 
  • Ability to review and analyse budgets and financial reports to see implications in the implementation and management of business initiatives. 
  • International exposure and experience within a fast paced environment. 
  • Excellent analytical skills with sound decision making.
  • Results driven with good business judgment and mindset. 
  • Ability to work under pressure, in a target driven environment. 
  • Ability to build strong relationships relevant to the development of business potential and partnerships. 
  • Proven ability to develop fresh approaches and innovations as appropriate. 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. 
  • Good negotiation and conflict management skills.
  • Consultative approach and ability to influence others to support business objectives. 
  • General administration skills.
  • Sound knowledge in the use of Ms Office suite - Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other management software/tools.

How To Apply

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