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Category Operations
Location Accra
Job Status Full-time
Salary Competitive
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Experience 10 years
Job Expires Jan 19, 2017
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Job Description



To plan, implement and control the manufacturing process of the company’s Assembly Line to ensure efficient production of products/services employing minimal cost and at acceptable quality levels/output. Scope of work includes monitoring the entire production process to ensure compliance with internal policies and standards as well as environmental, health and safety laws/regulations and international best practices.


Strategy & Policy Development

  • Provide technical expertise in the development and implementation of strategic business plan for the Assembly Plant as input into the overall Corporate Strategy of the company. 
  • Provide leadership and direction in the development of policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), work plan, operating manuals and other support systems including monitoring mechanisms in managing the Assembly Plant to achieve targeted objectives.
  • Develop efficient strategies and monitor to ensure that the Assembly Plant meets production goals, standards and regulatory requirements at minimal costs.
  • Promote and monitor the implementation of “Health and Safety" as a culture and strategy in all aspects of Production and Assembly Lines.

Product Assembly & Management

  • Responsible for the design and development of a comprehensive production schedule, process plan, duty assignments and make strategic decisions when necessary to alter programmes given the constraint of time or budget limitations.
  • Oversight responsibility for the management of the company’s Assembly Plant and productions to ensure maximum equipment and system uptime in all aspects of the production process to deliver products that meet approved cost, quality and quantity requirements.
  • Responsible for the planning, coordination and control of both human and material resources required for the company’s Assembly Plant and production.
  • Oversee the acquisition and installation of new plant and equipment at the Assembly plant and production site to meet projected output and deliveries.
  • Develop programmes to control inventory, improve efficiency and increase production to maximise the Company’s value.

Health & Safety Maintenance

  • Responsible for the development of planned maintenance schedule for all machinery, equipment and tools used at the Assembly Plant to ensure they are in good condition to avoid lapses in the assembly and production process.
  • Develop environmental safety and health strategies that will ensure corporate sustainability of assembly and production process. 
  • Review and analysis report on incidents, complaints, etc. on safety and accidents and propose measures to resolve or reduce these incidents. 
  • Liaise with the Procurement Unit to ensure that office machinery, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), equipment and tools to be purchased meet health and safety standards.
  • Responsible for the interpretation of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) regulations, Factories, Offices and Shops Act to increase understanding and awareness in the prevention and control of accidents at the Assembly Line.

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Provide leadership and guidance in the development of key performance indicators and benchmarks to track and monitor Assembly Plant productions to ensure compliance with approved policies, guidelines and regulatory standards.
  • Manage and monitor the implementation of approved production plans, safety, energy usage, maintenance and storage of finished products to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and standards. 
  • Monitor every stage of the assembly plant and analyse current methods to develop new ways to save steps, time and materials in order to reduce costs.
  • Monitor the operations of the Assembly Plant Team to ensure that goods and services are assembled and produced efficiently and that the exact amount of products are produced given the approved cost, output and quality goals.

Technical Advisory Support

  • Provide technical advice to Management on initiatives that will improve efficiency and reduce operating costs at the Assembly Plant.
  • Liaise with Procurement Unit and provide technical expertise on specifications and requirements to facilitate the purchase and acquisition of tools, equipment, machinery, spare parts and other materials needed for production and assembly of products and services.
  • Stay abreast on health and safety issues and regulations regarding production and product assembly and advice Management on best practices and standards.

Stakeholder Relations & Management

  • Maintain professional relationships with Service Providers, EPA, Regulatory Agencies and other stakeholders relevant to the operations of the Plant to facilitate and enhance product and service delivery.

Financial & Audit Management

  • Responsible for the preparation of the annual budget for the Assembly Plant and monitor its implementation to ensure compliance.
  • Review and analyse cost estimates of the entire assembly and production process of all production and approve budgets for the commencement of operations. 
  • Responsible for approving expenditures for supplies and materials and reviewing production orders to ensure accuracy.
  • Coordinate all internal and external audit programmes at the Plant and follow-up to ensure that audit queries are handled expeditiously.

Information & Reporting

  • Stay abreast with legislations regulations, international best practices and new developments relating to product assembling and maintenance to facilitate the operations of the Plant and the company. 
  • Responsible for the development of comprehensive database and reporting format to track and monitor assembly activities including stock inventory to facilitate the retrieval and accessibility of information for the Plant. 
  • Responsible for the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual consolidated reports on operations and activities of the Plant and any other statutory report(s) to Regulatory Agencies.

Employee Performance & Development

  • Accountable for managing performance, succession development and resource allocation within the Assembly Plant.
  • Hold direct reports accountable for managing their assignments to ensure the Plant’s goals are achieved.
  • Conduct performance appraisals and provide input for career development and performance incentives for direct reports.
  • Identify training needs and facilitate training for direct reports.

Required Skills or Experience

  • Master’s degree Business Administration or related field.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering or related field. 
  • Must be a member of a recognised professional body.
  • At least ten (10) years relevant work experience in managing a team in an electronic gadget assembling plant with at least five (5) years in a similar position.


  • In-depth knowledge/understanding of Health and Safety issues and Codes of practice relevant to product assembly and maintenance management.
  • Proven knowledge and experience in product assembling and operations.
  • Deep knowledge of relevant Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
  • Excellent customer service focus.
  • Excellent knowledge/understanding of operational risk management.
  • Considerable knowledge and understanding of materials management, inventory control, configuration analysis, production control, purchasing management, etc.
  • Proven record of identifying innovative technical solutions.
  • Proven track record of managing production costs.
  • Good knowledge/understanding of IT equipment management and operations.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of current network hardware, protocols and standards.
  • In-depth knowledge/understanding of scheduling and maintenance.
  • Must be abreast with IT trends and developments.
  • Excellent knowledge of operational risk management.
  • Strong numerical, analytical and sound decision making skills
  • Excellent planning and organizing skills.
  • Ability to prioritise, execute projects and deliver to tight deadlines. 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Strong negotiation and conflict management skills.
  • Strong managerial, coaching, mentoring and interpersonal skills in a "team" setting.
  • Strong knowledge in the use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and internet and other software and tools relating to product assembly, management and operations.
  • Ability to develop and maintain professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders and work effectively with all categories of staff.

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