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Company Profile

TFHO is a local Social Marketing Organisation that promotes healthier lives by providing quality health commodities.

TFHO currently focuses on socially marketed family planning commodities, Water Sanitation and Hygiene commodities, as well Maternal and Child Health commodities.

Job Description

Scope of Work

SOW Title: Strategic Plan                

  • Date of SOW: 12/19/18
  • SOW Status: Final
  • Consultant Name: TBD  
  • Reporting to: Executive Director
  • Estimated Start Date of Consultancy: January 21, 2019
  • Estimated End Date of Consultancy: March 8, 2019


A.     Background of SOW
Total Family Health Organization is a local social marketing non-governmental organization that is less than a year old. The organization works in Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health and Water and Sanitation areas of health programming. TFHO receives donor funding to run demand generation activities that are tied to selling health products. It focuses on the last mile of distribution and low-income Ghanaians. Programmatically, the organization consists of sales department with two warehouses and a marketing department that also includes behavior change communication staff, a family planning expert and a media staff person. Demand generation activities are both ATL and BTL with SBCC and PBCC activities. There is also a research, monitoring and evaluation department that works to build evidence of what programming is most effective at delivering results.

I.    Specific Challenges to be Addressed by this Consultancy
Social marketing and social enterprise mean many different things to different people. TFHO needs to define itself in the Ghanaian environment and determine where to target its limited resources.

Sample Questions the organization is grappling with include:

  • Should the organization be more of a for-profit pharmacy wholesale distribution company or should it focus on last mile and ensuring the low-income have access to quality health solutions?
  • How strong should the Social and Provider Behavior Change Communication component be?
  • How best should the organization be structured to best make profit to ensure sustainability while serving the lowest income?
  • How can TFHO position itself to be a stronger partner to the Ghana Health Service and the private sector?

II.     Objective of this Consultancy
The objective is to provide TFHO with a Strategic Plan for the next 3 – 5 years. The consultant will need to review best practices of social marketing organizations globally, analyze TFHO’s current direction as well as assess the Ghanaian social marketing health environment including other public and private organizations, identify TFHO’s areas of strength and weakness and opportunities in the current and upcoming environment, and provide recommendations on how to best position the organization for growth.

III.   Specific Tasks of the Consultant
Under this Scope of Work, the Consultant shall perform, but not be limited to, the specific tasks specified under the following categories:

A.   Background Reading and Interviews Related to Understanding the Work and Its Context
The Consultant shall read and interview, but is not limited to, the following materials and individuals related to fully understanding the work specified under this consultancy:

  • Review internal TFHO documents: the annual workplan and annual report, the landscaping document, draft business plan, Market Development Assessment
  • Review external social marketing documents that highlight global best practices and different operating models.
  • Conduct internal interviews with key staff and board members

B.   Tasks Related to Accomplishing the Consultancy’s Objectives
The Consultant shall use his/her education, considerable experience and additional understanding gleaned from the tasks specified in A. above to:

  • Hold Focus Group discussions with internal and external stakeholders related to TFHO
  • Meet with key informants outside of TFHO to better understand the environment and TFHO’s current reputation
  • Perform analysis of social marketing best practices globally
  • Make recommendations on how TFHO can best position itself specific to the Ghana context;
  • Present findings to Senior Management Team and other members of the TFHO staff for discussion and further refinement
  • Write up all findings into a Strategic Plan document for the TFHO board and SMT that provide the overall direction of the organization with estimated resources needed tied to opportunities that fits within TFHO’s mission

IV.  Timeframe and Level of Effort for the Consultancy.  
Unless otherwise specified in writing, the following time frame will govern the timing of the completion of this consultancy: Up to 30 days

VI. Deliverables with Timeline

  • Outline of Strategic Plan Document and written plan of meetings to capture needed information after week 1
  • Draft Strategic Plan presented to TFHO staff after week 4
  • Final Strategic Plan Document and documentation of meetings (individual and group) held over the course of the work after week 6

Please submit questions relating to this RFP by email to Andrew Quaye at, no later than, 5:00pm on January 4,2019. Answers to questions will be shared on January 8,2019. OR by calling 0556592619. 

Required Skills or Experience

V.   Consultant Qualifications
The Consultant shall have the following minimum qualifications to be considered for this consultancy

  • Must have a Bachelors Degree in related field such as public health, economics, international development or business
  • Previous Experience in Strategic planning for health nonprofits demonstrated through at least two references or documented plans
  • Must understand social marketing with experience in a social marketing organization preferred
  • Must understand the public health field and be able to discuss public health concepts fluently
  • Have developed relationships with international and Ghanaian health related social marketing organizations and GHS authorities
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Excellent MS Office skills (MS Word, Excel, PPT) graphic design desirable

How To Apply

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