Consultant for Corruption Risk Assessment in Procurement in SDGs


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Job Description

Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), Creating anti-corruption voices in the implementation of the SDGs
Terms of Reference for the Engagement of a Consultant for Corruption Risk Assessment in Procurement in SDGs
1. Background 
The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) in partnership with the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) is implementing a STAR-Ghana funded project titled ‘Creating anti-corruption voices in the implementation of the SDGs’. The project is being implemented over a period of twenty-four (24) months (i.e. April 2018 to April 2020). The overall goal of the intervention is to reduce corruption in the implementation of SDGs 3, 4 &16 (i.e. Sustainable Development Goals on Health and Education).
2.0 Objective
As part of the project implementation, GII is seeking to engage the services of a Consultant to conduct a Corruption risk Assessment (CRA) in Procurement in the implementation of SDGs 3, 4 &16. The output of this assessment is intended for policy engagements and advocacy (i.e. creating anti-corruption voices in the implementation of SDGs 3, 4 &16). 
The specific objectives of the assessment are:
  1. To conduct a CRA of the various corruption risk in the SDGs focussing on SDG 4&5 and 16 particularly targeting procurement;
  2. To estimate and document the risk of corrupt practices in procurement in the implementation of SDGs 3, 4 and16;
  3. To proffer actionable measures to addressing such procurement risks as well as responding to the capacity needs of platforms on SDGs 3, 4 and 16.
3.0 Scope of Work/Terms of Reference 
  1. Undertake a comprehensive review of relevant documents 
  2. Develop a detailed work plan outlining the approach to conduct the CRA
  3. Develop relevant data collection tools to facilitate the execution of the assignment
  4. Collect and process relevant data and write a comprehensive report on the subject matter 
  5. Present draft report to GII, GACC and key stakeholders for inputs at a validation meeting to be organised by project implementation partners (however this is subject to initial validation with project implementation partners)
  6. Incorporate inputs from validation process into the report 
  7. Provide the final CRA report to GII
  8. Facilitate two (2) policy dialogues on findings of the CRA (procurement risk assessment).
4.0 Expected Outputs and deliverables
  1. Develop a detailed work plan for the assignment
  2. Draft assessment reports detailing the corruption risk to target groups.
  3. One validation meeting organised and inputs from stakeholders documented (equally subject to initial validation with project implementation partners)
  4. Final report developed and presented to the project implementing partners 
  5. Two (2) policy dialogues organised by the implementing partners and facilitated by the consultant
6.0 Work plan
The total consulting days for this undertaking is thirty (31) days.
Activity Number of consulting days Deadlines
Meeting to agree on terms   March 26, 2019
Development of data collection/assessment tools 2 April 20, 2019
Data collection process 10
Data cleaning, entry and analysis and report writing 10
Submission of draft report   April 30, 2019
Validation with project partners & stakeholders 2 May 10, 2019
Final report and Facilitation of Policy dialogues 2 May 17, 2019












Required Skills or Experience

Expected Requirements of Applicants
Successful applicant(s) should be Experienced Consultant with:
Skills and Experience:
  • Proven track record in undertaking similar assessments 
  • Significant understanding of governance/corruption issues 
  • Expertise in public health and educational sectors, procurement as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Deep knowledge and skills in quantifications, valuations as well as qualitative and quantitative methodologies, simulation and experimental assessments 
  • Significant experience in using various assessment tools including ICT for data collection/analysis
  • excellent data processing and IT skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and writing skills

How To Apply

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