Refrigeration Technician


Company HPW Fresh & D...
Industry Agriculture/A...
Category Manufacturing...
Location Adeiso
Job Status Full-time
Salary GHS
Education Degree / HND ...
Experience 3 years
Job Expires May 31, 2019
Contact ...

Company Profile

HPW Fresh and Dry Ltd is a fruit processing companyHPW is synonymous with fresh from harvest fruit, crisp and crunchy vegetables from Africa and Asia. We develop stand-alone products for our customers that meet the most exacting quality standards and offer maximum availability - for wholesalers and retailers, as well as for the food industry.

Job Description

  • Department: Technical
  • Reports To: Technical Manager
  • Location: Onsite at HPW Fresh and Dry Ltd, Adeiso, E/R.
Job Purpose
  • To repair, conduct maintenance and upgrade the factory’s air conditioning and cooling systems. 
  • To set up maintenance schedules, keeps maintenance reports and recommends replacements. 
  • To make inputs into the planning of new air conditioning or cooling projects.
Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Set up maintenance plans and schedules for all air conditioning and cooling systems on site.
  • Create maintenance check lists.
  • Carry out routine check cleaning and maintenance tasks on refrigeration equipment.
  • Troubleshoot and repair refrigeration systems.
  • Report on maintenance and repairs and suggest improvements.
  • Support installations (Cut, bend, thread, and connect pipe to functional components and water, power, or refrigeration system.
  • Drilling, fixing of mounting brackets and supports).
  • Set valves and other components.
  • Refill refrigerant.

Required Skills or Experience

  • Minimum of Technical Qualification, HND, Degree or its equivalent in the field of refrigeration.
  • Practical knowledge/experience in industrial and residential refrigeration with a minimum of three years relevant work experience in a similar role, preferably in a production environment.
  • Ability to understand the parts and function of a cooling system.
  • Ability Identify and use the necessary tools and measuring devices for refrigeration equipment.
  • Ability to read wiring diagrams.
  • Ability to understand electrical, electronic and plumbing concepts.
  • Ability to undertake brazing and soldering.

How To Apply

Sorry, job has expired.


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