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Job Expires Oct 28, 2021
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Job Description

Review Dkt’s Customer Relationship Management System Modules
Request For Proposals
Terms Of Reference
September 2021


  • Project: Review CRMS Modules, recommend and Solutions
  • Coverage: Both Desktop and Mobile Applications
  • Funder: DKT International Inc, Ghana
  • RFP Release Date: Friday, September 17, 2018
  • Deadline for Proposals: Friday, September 24, 2021
  • Contact: Gertrude Amo:, 0302-772799


According to the United Nations Population Fund, access to safe, voluntary family planning and RH is a human right. Family planning is central to gender equality and women’s empowerment, and it is a key factor in reducing poverty. Family planning is linked indirectly as a contributor to positive health outcomes. Example, FP interventions contribute to reducing poverty, increasing gender equity, preventing the spread of HIV, reducing unwanted pregnancies and lowering infant deaths. Additionally, each dollar spent on FP initiative on average results in $6 saving on health, housing, water, and other public services. The aforementioned benefits of FP/RH goes without admitting that “quality data” is key to making accurate decisions on FP/RH. Lack of quality routine data on is therefore a major hindrance to realizing the full benefits of FP. 

Critical to the aspect of quality data is to have an advance Management Information System (MIS). In view of this, DKT Ghana continues to update its Customer Relation Management System (CRMS). The inception of this system was a strategy to improve accuracy, completeness, timeliness of data transmission and readiness of data for quality reporting channel. The benefit of the system has been groundbreaking. Interestingly to ensure a sustainable benefit of this system, it is required the system be tailored and updated to suit DKT’s MIS needs to guarantee effective operations.

The general objective is to review and recommend solutions to DKT’s CRM System 

Specific objectives 

  1. Review of offline function of invoicing
  2. Review and provide solution to IMPORT/EXPORT function between the CRMS and SAP
  3. Review the dynamic dashboard of the system to enable creation of programmatic indicators such CYPs etc
  4. Review of printing from order history
  5. Review of Route Monitoring Module to the CRMS (Territory mapping for route call planning - Area of coverage, daily call objectives etc.) To have history plans activities on the calendar even if  an updated APK is installed
  6. Review of Survey module for both online/offline questionnaire design for data collection, transmission and analysis to show similar functions like kobocollect or odk
  7. Resolved all bags in the system such as (“Whoops something went wrong”) etc
  8. Integrate DKTs current weekly tracker into CRMS
  9.  Recommend and cost an alternative CRMS that performs similar functions as current CRMS under review( e.g CRMS that is Internationally used and not privately customized by individual)

Key Outputs
Comprehensive report of the bugs of the application and designed architecture and key recommendations in fixing the identified bugs

We anticipate a time frame of not more than One month from the date of signing contract to deliver on ALL the above objectives. However, DKT expects consultants to state the duration for which they will provide on-site and remote support after deploying the system

The scope of work shall include ALL STEPS involved in the SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE
Which may include but not exclusive to disaster recovery, security etc.

Required Skills or Experience

Consultants/firm Experience

  • The consultants/firm will have demonstrated experience in software development or engineering.
  • The consultant should have an advanced degree in the area of software development and relevant experience in the development and installation of CRM software,
  • Not less than 5 years relevant working experience.

How To Apply

Applicants should provide:

  1. A summary of their proposed approach to the work (no more than 4 pages)
  2. Company profile
  3. CVs of their team members citing relevant experience (3-pages MAXIMUM).

The team leader is responsible for the timely submission of the following deliverables to DKT’s Senior Manager.

Proposed Payment Terms
Payment will be made based on the proposed payment structure: 

  • 20 percent initial payment upon signing of contract; 
  • 50 percent on released of draft report
  • 30 percent final payment on completion and signing off contract

NB: All payments will be taxed in accordance to the tax act, 2015(act 896) 

Evaluation criteria of proposals is the following:

Technical – 70 percent

Technical Evaluation Criteria


1.1 Overall Response

Overall concord between RFP requirements and proposal



1.2  Experience of Company and Key  Personnel

  • Company profile and two references indicating major work in similar field
  • Experience of personnel­­




1.3 Proposed System Development Approach




*Only proposals which receive a minimum of [55] points will be considered further

 Financial – 30%

Structure of Financial Proposal

  • The financial proposal must be submitted in a separate sealed envelope from the Technical Proposal. The budget narrative must explain the assumptions behind all cost estimates.
  • Both the Technical and Financial Proposals should be submitted to: / by Tuesday September 28th, 2021.


Please note, employers receive numerous applications per posting and will only shortlist the most qualified candidates. Also is not involved in any decision made by an employer/recruiter and therefore does not guarantee that applications sent will result in a candidate being shortlisted/selected for that position.
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