Request for Proposal for the Installation of CCTV Monitoring System for Warehouse


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Company Profile

Total Family Health Organisation (TFHO) is an indigenous Ghanaian social marketing organization duly registered in accordance with the laws of Ghana on February 1, 2017. We partner with government, private sector, and civil society is to improve the health of people living in Ghana primarily through implementation of innovative evidence-based interventions that increases access to and utilization of health products and services in a measurable and impactful way. Our key intervention areas include: Reproductive (including family planning and HIV), Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (RMNCH), communicable and non-communicable diseases, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), nutrition, and malaria. Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) and social marketing remains our unique expertise. We utilize our deep insight and skills in SBCC and social marketing to promote positive social and behavior change among individuals and communities using strategies that address the interests of the people we are trying to reach, the obstacles to change and the many forces that influence behavior and choice.   

Our Mission is to be a truly Ghanaian organisation that works to improve the health of people primarily through the social marketing of health products and services as well as health communications in a measurable and impactful way

Job Description

Objective of the CCTV Monitoring System at TFHOs Warehouse

TFHO seeks to improve its CCTV Monitoring systems in its warehouse.

It therefore seeks to find a system that has:

  • A system of security cameras and other features (if any) that can track in real-time and ensure security of the warehouse
  • Monitoring the System Locally. 
  • Local and Online Backup Storage of Data.
  • Off-site Monitoring

Project Scope

PART A- Assessment & Recommendation

It is hoped that vendors will be on-site to examine the set and make recommendation based on industry-level grade security that can always ensure the safety of the facility.

It is expected that following the assessment will be factored into recommendations and plan for implementation.

PART B- Recommendation& Installation

  1. High-Definition and Wide-Angle Video: It is expected that the vendor provide a solution that has HD or High-definition resolution.  The footage should be recorded by HD cameras is crystal clear and distinctive, allowing TFHO and law enforcement officials to detect the smallest details. Additionally, the cameras should have a wide-angle. These cover a larger area with a single camera, often eliminating the need to install multiple cameras.
  2. Wireless Technology: The clearest pictures are no good if the camera feed can be cut off by snipping a cable. You will want cameras that can transmit the recorded footage wirelessly without degrading its quality. Wireless cameras and related security camera systems also usually come with some form of remote feed and control system. Smaller variants of these cameras can also be installed in cars, providing an additional layer of security to your vehicle.
  3. Night Vision/Low-Light Cameras: All proposals should make provision for night-vision cameras or at least those that are capable of recording in low-light conditions. More advanced camera systems should use infrared or heat-vision cameras for completely dark areas where simple night vision does not quite cut it.
  4. Remote Access and Cloud Backup: Remote access to the recorded video and live feed from your security cameras is crucial. TFHO seeks a warehouse security system that comes with companion app what gives the user varying degrees of control. This means that TFHO will be able to see live footage from the camera on a mobile phone while you are way or based at the main branch. Option to be able to activate and deactivate the cameras remotely should be made available if possible. Security systems should also allow TFHO to store your footage both locally and on the cloud, creating backups and archiving footage for later use.
  5. Motion Sensors and Automation: TFHO seeks a system that bears the capability of advanced motion detection systems that come with movement tracking too. These cameras will turn and follow a person in their field of view. The motion sensors can also be used to trigger alarms as well, alerting TFHO to intruders.

Required Skills or Experience

  • At least 5 years in Experience with Networking & Cybersecurity
  • Working knowledge of security network infrastructure setup and management.
  • Demonstration of having similar work for other organisations
  • Certification in cybersecurity is plus

How To Apply

Sorry, job has expired.


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