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Company Profile

CARE began operations in Ghana in 1994 by working to educate mining areas about sexual health and the prevention of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. CARE Ghana now works with more than 40 partner organizations to implement a portfolio of projects worth about US$9 million annually in 150 districts across the country, from our main office in Accra and sub-offices in Kumasi, Sunyani and Tamale. For 30 years, CARE has been working in Ghana to improve livelihoods and achieve social justice through interventions that address the underlying causes of poverty. Our programming focuses on food and nutrition security and social and economic empowerment, with women and youth as our impact group.

Job Description

CARE Ghana is excited to invite your applications for new job openings in our programs and operations. Not only do we offer exceptional opportunities for career growth for Ghanaians especially women and young people, but we are also proud to welcome talented people such as yourself into the global CARE community where our core values of Transformation, Integrity, Diversity, Equality and Excellence are the benchmarks against which we measure ourselves as leaders and employees

If you share these values and our passion for saving lives, defeating poverty, and achieving social justice, then CARE Ghana is the place for you. We hire and nurture great people from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and identities, striving every day and at all levels to build and sustain an inclusive workplace and a sense of belonging for our teams. Your wellbeing and satisfaction with your job in CARE Ghana matter as much to us as your performance.  Our compensation and benefits package are generous, and we offer flexible working conditions to enable you to enjoy life outside of work, and as part of our commitment to equity.

At CARE, we recognize that skills and expertise can come from a range of experiences from work and life, in addition to education or past job titles. As such, we welcome applications from dynamic, curious, and creative Ghanaians with a passion for learning and problem-solving.

Interested? If yes, please see details of the job opening below:

Job Summary                                                                                                                                   

Reporting to the Country Director, the Strategic Communications Director will lead CARE Ghana’s communications and public relations strategy, enhancing the organisation’s visibility, credibility, and influence both locally and globally. Her/his role will involve creating and implementing comprehensive communication plans that effectively engage key stakeholders, including donors, government and private sector partners, civil society, the media, and the general public, including in times of crisis. Additionally, s/he will manage internal communications within CARE Ghana and coordinate with CARE International (CI) to ensure alignment and information sharing across the global network. S/he will oversee public relations and engagement activities to support CARE’s mission and strategic objectives for Ghana while fostering a collaborative and informed internal environment.

Key Responsibilities of the Role                                                                                                                 

  • Strategic Communications and Public Relations Management                                                                                                                              
    • Develop and implement a comprehensive communications strategy aligned with CARE’s mission, visions and goals for Ghana, and identify and target key internal and external audiences, ensuring tailored messages and effective communication channels.
    • Develop and execute a robust digital and social media strategy to increase online presence and engagement.
    • Develop and implement crisis communication plans to effectively manage and mitigate risks and provide timely and accurate information during crises to maintain trust and credibility.
    • Foster and maintain strong relationships with local media outlets and ensure consistent and accurate representation of CARE Ghana.
    • Develop and implement strategies for brand visibility in all CARE Ghana locations and activities.
    • Monitor and analyze relevant metrics to inform and adjust strategies as needed.
  • Content Creation and Management                                                                                                                              
    • Oversee the production of high-quality content, including reports, articles, press releases, media advisories, social media posts, fact sheets, project briefs, and multimedia materials.
    • Work with programme teams to generate compelling stories that highlight CARE Ghana’s impact and promote CARE’s brand.
    • Create and distribute internal bulletins, updates, and announcements to keep staff informed of key developments and initiatives.
    • Ensure consistent branding and messaging across all communication platforms including email.
    • Oversee the management of CARE Ghana’s content repositories on CARE Images and elsewhere to ensure easy access to archived materials and protection of sensitive data.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Global Communications Coordination                                                                                                                               
    • Build and maintain relationships with key internal and external stakeholders including CARE’s global communications, marketing, and fundraising teams, relevant donors, government and partner counterparts, etc.
    • Coordinate and support the internal and external engagement activities of the Community of CARE Advisory Forum.
    • Initiate, coordinate and support CO and project-led public events, campaigns and advocacy initiatives. 
    • Contribute content to global campaigns and initiatives ensuring that CARE Ghana’s perspectives and successes are represented.
  • Oversee the management of CARE Ghana’s online presence including but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, X, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  • Internal Communications and Capacity Strengthening                                                                                                                              
    • Develop and manage internal communication strategies to ensure that all CARE Ghana staff are informed and engaged about all aspects of our work.
    • Organise and lead internal meetings, town halls, briefings, and webinars to foster an organisational culture of collaboration, transparency, and accountability across all units.
    • Manage CARE Ghana’s internal WhatsApp groups, and pages on CARE Shares, Workplace, and other internal information sharing and communications platforms.
  • Establish, lead and mentor a high-performing communications team and ensure technical supervision of project-based communications personnel.
  • Ensure the continuous professional and personal development of communication team members and relevant programme staff to foster functional excellence in strategic communications in CARE Ghana.
  • Ethical Compliance and Other Duties     
    • Ensure awareness and compliance with all of CARE’s relevant polices and guidelines including but not limited to safeguarding, fraud prevention, and protection.
    • Ensure that all communication and public relations activities adhere to organisational and sector-wide ethical standards and principles including CARE’s policies on informed consent and ethical storytelling, as well as donor regulations.
    • Monitor relevant trends in the organisation and sector, and recommend / implement improvements to CO policies, procedures, and practices, and ensure awareness and compliance.
    • Monitor and address any ethical concerns or violations promptly according to established protocols.
    • Act as a spokesperson for CARE Ghana and carry out other duties as assigned by the Country Director.Comprehensive understanding of strategic communications, including the development and implementation of communication plans.

Required Skills or Experience


  • Comprehensive understanding of strategic communications, including the development and implementation of communication plans.
  • Knowledge of local media laws and regulations and understanding of the cultural context.
  • Strong understanding of the media landscape, including local, national, and international media outlets.
  • Knowledge of the non-profit sector, particularly in the context of international development and humanitarian aid.
  • Understanding of the challenges and opportunities in promoting social justice.
  • Knowledge of digital marketing strategies including SEO, SEM and analytics.
  • Knowledge of ethical standards and best practices in communications and public relations. Understanding of compliance requirements, including data protection and privacy laws.


  • Minimum of 7 to 10 years in strategic communications and public relations, preferably for international organisations and within the nonprofit sector.
  • Proven expertise in public relations practices, media relations, and crisis communication management, with a cultivated network of media contacts.
  • Experience with social media platforms and tools, and the ability to leverage them for engagement and awareness.
  • Familiarity with coordinating communications efforts across a global organisation.


  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations, journalism, marketing, or a related field.
  • Desirable: Master’s degree and/or post-graduate certificates in strategic communications or public relations.

How To Apply

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