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Ultimate How-To Guide: The Interview Process

If you try to tell me that you find job interviewing a breeze, I would say that you’re downright lying.

For the majority of us, the job interview process can often be a traumatising experience; leaving us overcome with anxiety right up until the very moment we leave that boardroom (and even then, we are often left stressed as we wait to hear back from the recruiter).

Preparation is the best way to overcome this nervousness – the more equipped you feel with knowledge about the position you’ve applied for, the organisation you’re interviewing with and the overall interviewing process, the more comfortable you’ll be.

You’ll never know exactly what to expect when going for a job interview, however there are some universal tips and advice that will help to prepare you as best as possible.

Here’s the ultimate guide to the interview process – from outfit advice, to how to tell if your interview went well and everything in between, we’ve got it all covered: 

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