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By Dawn Rosenberg McKay, , Wednesday April 2, 2008

Don't Use Your Work Email for Personal Matters
In trying to come up with something to post about this afternoon, I took a look through my reader email. Should I write about career choice1? After all many of my readers are struggling with changing careers, according to the number of emails I get on that topic. Or, maybe I should answer a question about a problem someone is having with their boss. I get a lot of email about difficult bosses. Nope. All of that will have to wait, because one thing jumped out at me as I sorted through my email.

So many people send me email2 from their work addresses. Now I have a question for my readers: why would you do that? You're asking me about changing your career or complaining about your boss. Aren't you afraid your employer will see what you've written? You do know your email at work may not be private3, don't you? If you didn't know it before, consider yourself newly informed. Get a free personal email account4 and use it for all non-work related email, especially for anything you don't want your boss to know. Send your personal email from home to insure that it remains private.
Source : My Career
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