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Internship at AMREF

Are you looking for a pre-professional work experience?
An internship at AMREF offers you a chance to gain "real-life" experience through a range of opportunities for students/recent graduates to gain insight into the work of AMREF in providing better health for the people of Africa.

  • Application or CV
  • Letter from learning institution
  • Copy of School leaving certificate from ‘O” level / ‘A’ Level
  • Letters of recommendation from 2 persons of respect and authority.
Internship/Volunteer Guidelines - AMREF Headquarters and Kenya Country Office

AMREF being a Research and Development Foundation as well as a donor funded organisation recognizes the dual benefits that can come out of attachment and internship programmes including:

• Training for students or interns in relevant fields.
• A legitimate labour pool for AMREF that can cater for short-term work in projects or functional offices.

For this reason AMREF will support attachments or internships under the following guidelines:
  • Internships / Attachments will be granted to students or interns with relevant training to the work they are to perform in AMREF.
  • Internship / Attachment will be limited to a period of three (3) months and can only be extended to a period of six months.
  • AMREF will have no financial compensation obligation to the interns. However a small lunch/transport allowance can be paid according to the prevailing rates in the organisation.
  • Internships or student attachments will be requested and processed through the HR office to ensure compliance to the above.
  • Interns will be required to observe AMREF general rules and regulations as stipulated in the HR Policy and Procedure Manual available at the HR office.
  • The students/interns are expected to use communication facilities at AMREF such as telephone, faxes etc strictly under instructions and only for official work.
  • Dress Code – Interns and volunteers physical appearance and grooming should be smart and decent and always befitting the occasion.
  • The intern’s or the volunteer’s supervisor upon completion of the internship period, will prepare a recommendation letter summarising conduct and performance.
  • The internship may be terminated at any point without warning upon failure to observe any of the conditions stated herein.
  • In the case of an intern’s/volunteer’s unexpected departure, they will need to give at least 24 hour notice.
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