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The Junior Professional Officer Programme

Aside from hiring highly qualified and experienced candidates, the IAEA offers some job opportunities for young professionals under a "Junior Professional Officer" (JPO) programme.

The purpose of the programme is not only to give young professionals an opportunity to gain work experience in an international environment, but also to provide the IAEA with additional

The JPO works as part of a team and under the guidance of a senior Professional in either a scientific/technical or administrative field.

Young professionals from developing countries, who:
  • are below the age of 32 years;
  • hold an advanced university degree in one of the following fields: engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, hydrology, agriculture, nutrition, medicine, computer science, information sciences,accounti ng, finance, human resource management, law, library science, and communication.
Duration of Assignment
  • One year, non-renewable.

How to Apply

A vacancy notice for Agency-sponsored JPOs is published usually once a year for 2 months, and is accessible on the IAEA Website. All applicants are encouraged to submit an online
application using the Online Job Application form. Interested applicants, who prefer not to apply online, may download the IAEA Personal History Form.


Based primarily on the candidate´s academic qualifications and on the extent to which those qualifications can be used in an assignment designated by one of the IAEA´s Departments.

Applicants from Other Countries
Some Member States of the IAEA - currently Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, USA - offer the possibility of joining the IAEA as a JPO to their young nationals after consultation with the Agency on its programmatic needs.

Duration of Assignment
One to two years.

How to Apply

The government of the Member State financially supports the assignment and therefore pre-selects, either on an ad-hoc basis or following a structured approach, an individual JPO with appropriate work experience of at least two years. As this application process takes place in donor countries, candidates interested in this alternative JPO programme are encouraged to inquire at their Ministry of Foreign Affairs as to whether their country has an agreement with the IAEA on this matter.

Conditions of Employment

The IAEA offers a competitive package of benefits and entitlements.
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