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Learn How to Make the Most of a Business Meeting

By Dawn Rosenberg McKay, Guide

Business meetings range from gatherings of small groups of people to large conferences with hundreds, or even thousands, in attendance. It is those mega meetings that many people find stressful. Here are pointers to help you make the most of business meetings and relieve some of the stress you may feel when you find you have to attend one.
Before You Go to a Business Meeting

    * Meet Other Attendees in Advance: Get to know as many people as possible before you attend the conference.

    * Look Your Best: When you look good, your confidence goes up. Make sure your hair and nails are well groomed.

    * Dress Appropriately: Find out what type of attire[/link"> is needed.

    * Bring Clothes that Travel Well or bring an iron. You don't want your clothes to look rumpled.

    * Pack Comfortable Shoes: You may be on your feet for long periods of time.

At the Business Meeting

    * Introduce Yourself to Others: Making the first move may make you feel less vulnerable.

    * Smile: Smiling (only when appropriate, of course) helps you look approachable.

    * Psych Yourself Up: Remember the qualities others like about you.

    * Get People to Talk About Themselves: Everyone likes to do this and it will take the focus off you.

    * Beware of Alcohol: You don't want to become too uninhibited.

When the Business Meeting is Over

    * Take Home Something Valuable: This could be an idea you may be able to implement or a new person to add to your network.

    * Keep in Touch: Maintaining contact with those you met at the conference will make the next conference easier.

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