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Interviewer Behavior Can Turn Away Job Candidates

 Interviewer Behavior Can Turn Away Job Candidates

Two-thirds of job seekers say the interviewer sways their decision to accept a position, according to a survey conducted by Monster and consulting firm Development Dimensions International.

Among the number of interviewer behaviors that job seekers say adversely affect their willingness to work for a company:

    • Acting as if he or she has no time to talk to the applicant, 70 percent.

    • Withholding information about the position, 57 percent.

    • Turning the interview into a cross-examination, 51 percent.

    • Arriving late for the interview, 48 percent.

    • Appearing unprepared, 47 percent.

    • Asking questions unrelated to job skills, 43 percent.

The survey findings included responses from 3,725 job seekers as well as 628 staffing directors and 1,250 hiring managers.

Source: Society for Human Resources Management

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