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Are Women Truly Accepted as Equals in the Workforce?

Faith Redwine

9-5" Research and Critique

At the time of the movie, the status of women was not pretty. Yes, strides and progress were being made, but women were not seen in the light of being productive in the American employment industry. The majority of the
 jobs were still left for the male population and there was an understanding across the board that certain jobs, (i.e. secretarial or nursing), were for women and the other, (i.e. management or medicine), was left for men.

The rights and needs of working women were seen but not heard. Yes, the needs of working women everywhere was made open to the public, but the cries often fell on deaf ears. To be very honest and frank, the legal rights of women were next to nothing. Closely observing the film only shows that to be true. In the movie, we see one woman who was a working mom, another who was a widow, one who was a divorcee, another who was a married woman without children, and still another with an alcohol problem.

Problems Facing Women

The movie was created in response to numerous problems that were arising in the employment arena for women. Working women were having a problem in the area of equal pay for equal work. An example of this problem can be seen with Violet Newstead (played by Lily Tomlin). She had been with Consolidated Companies for years and she was passed

over many times for a promotion to a managerial position because of her sex. She obviously was not receiving equal pay for equal work. She was allowed to train people for managerial positions (particularly men), but she was not allowed to receive the positions herself. Also, she had not received a pay increase equal to her time spent with the company and her experience. She was well respected because of her knowledge of the job at hand, but she wasn't respected and appreciated enough to actually hold a managerial position with the corporation.
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