3-DAY COURSE IN Urban Mass Transport Management And Operations


Organizer University of Ghana Business School
Venue University of Ghana Business School, Legon
Start Date Jul 13, 2022
End Date Jul 28, 2022
Time 09:00 am
Fees GH¢ 1,750.00

Event Description

UGBS Executive Development (UGBS-ED) is pleased to invite the general piblic to a three (3) day training course in Urban Mass Transport Management and Operations. 

Course Description

this course takes an interdisciplinary approach to examine contemporary urban isues and challenges. it explores problems related to urban area planning frameworks and focuses on challenges associated with housing, transportation and the resulting impact on movement of goods and people with particular emphasis on daily mass movement of people living in the urban milieu. it uses presentations, interspersed with comparative overview of commuting trends and partterns seen in urban areas in the developed world compared with the same in the developing world using USA and Ghana as case analysis. 

Course Objectives 

Rapid city growth (urbanization) has been a universal trend throughout the world in the last century. With the emergence of such rapid transformation of settlements, city administrators and planners are facing a number of conmmuting challenges. This course discusses such cahllenges associated with transportation and daily movement of people across the urban landscape using case analysis from urban centers in Ghana compared to the same in the USA. The course focuses on the source of the present commuting challenges in urban centers in Ghana noting economic, socila, political or a combination of the named elements as major players and how such factors are impacting the quality of life of the urban resident. The course also discuses possible solutions to the issues identified. For student participants in the public administration, the course will serve as a valuable resource for addrfessing or managing many of the current urban transportation issues in Ghana.  

Course Content

  • Discussion of goals and objectives of the course
  • Discussion of the importance of transportation and the efficient movement of the people in the development of a nation
  • Urbanization, History of mass transit, government role in transportation and mass transit in the urban landscape
  • Transportation/ mass transit system planning process (Long and Short Range Transportation Planning)
  • Transportation mode; Rail, Bus, Ferry, Paratransit, Vanpools
  • Route Planning; Goals and Objectives
  • Route Types, Characteristics, Map development, Service scheduling
  • Operations; Driver training, Roster development, Assignment, Run-cut
  • Service Standards, Service Monitoring, Policiess and Procedures
  • Customer Service, Amenities, Passenger surveys
  • Report Types; compilation and methodology
  • Future of Public Mass Transportation

Learning Outcomes 

Upon succesful completion of the course, participant would show clear understanding of the genesis of the current commuting issues facing major urban centers in Ghana. Additionally, they should be able to:

  • Explain the trends in the world-wide urbanization and associated cahllenges now and in the future in all urban spaces
  • Understanding the unsuspecting but highly critical link between major econmic, social and political issues and how those issues are manifesting themselves  on the state of Ghana's urban roads and commuting challenges
  • Establish the link between government policies and priorities and how they affect urban transportation networks abd daily commuting
  • Understand the inextricable bond that links transportation, access and easy movement of people to the overall economic development of any nation
  • Critically analyze and prioritize transportation infrastrutural needs among the many other competing needs that loom large on the government economic improvement agenda 
  • Apply economic reasoning in approaching complex urban challenges
  • Make informed decisions about prefered alternative to solutions to urban transportation needs
  • Develop the ability to identy sources of information and assemble evidence regarding urban transportation and commuting issues
  • Assess actions taken by the public, private, and for-profit, as well as non-profit organizations in developing solutions to urban transportation issues
  • Critically examine both traditional and non-traditional options and tchniques in palnning and implementing urban projects, espcially transportation projects. 
  • Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm Daily
  • Duration: Three (3) days 
  • Dates: 13th - 15th July, 2022
    •  26th -  28th July, 2022
  • Venue: University of Ghana Business School, Graduate Building. PRESEC Junction, Opposite Goil Filling Station. 
  • Payment: Payment by cash or cheque written to University of Ghana Business School. International participants should please contact us for applicable fees. Course fees cover Training materials, Certificates, snacks and lunch. We also offer Customised Training and In-House Training Solutions, Certificate Courses, Research and Consultancy. 

How To Participate

  • Mass transit administrators such as Metro Mass and Ayalolo directors 
  • Government Transport officials such as STC directors and supevisors
  • Private-for-profit transport organization such as VIP Transport 
  • Ministry of Road and Urban Transport Employees
  • District and City Administrators and Planners 
  • Civil Engineers and Transport management 
  • Student 
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