Organizer University of Ghana Business School
Venue University of Ghana Business School, Legon
Start Date Aug 06, 2022
End Date Sep 03, 2022
Time 09:00 am
Fees GHC 1,700.00

Event Description

Course Overview

The University Of Ghana Business School - Executive Development (UGBS-ED) and the center for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA) is pleased to invite the general public to a five Saturday certificate course on Gender in Public Sector Administartion. 

Course Description

The importance of enshrining gender equality in public sector administration has been proven and accepted globally. In the public sector, gender is useful for key areas: 1- in removing gender barriers and promoting equitable institutions, work culture and opportunities for personnel in the sector, and 2- in incorporating gender equality in executing the mandate of the public sector. This course Gender in Public Sector Adminstration interrogates, analyzes, and appreciates how both biology and socio-cultural afctors creates differential pathways for experiencing public services by males and females in the Ghanaian societies. The course also examines the influence of gender relations on the delivery and utilisation of various public sector services in Ghana. 

Key Benefits

The course will help participants to rethink and prioritise principles of gender equalities in policies and practice of public sector work. By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Appreciate ways in which sex and gender are vital determinants of effective public sector service delivery and utilization.
  • Analyze ways in which females and males perceive, experience and respond to public sector services differently.
  • Mainstream gender in public sector work through gender sensitive policy formulation , strategy formulation, representation and budgetting. 
  • Conduct gender audit of policies, programs and interventions.
  • Provide the technical support needed to acheive change in policies, programs and institutional practices. 

Course Objectives

Bearing in mind the likely diverse backgrounds and experiences of course participants, the course will adopt a mix of teaching approaches to maximize teaching and learning. Mode of delivery will include lectures, discussions, film viewing, group project and practitioner experience sharing.  

Course Content

  • Understanding sex and gender and their relevance for public sector work.
  • Gender mainstreaming practice and challenges in the public sector
  • Gender sensitive planning and implementation of policies and programs
  • Gender representation in the public sector management
  • Gender impact assessment
  • Conducting a gender audit public sector policies, programs and interventions
  • Gender Budgetting 

How To Participate

Target Groups

  • Civil Servants
  • Public Servants including; public universities,
  • Corporations; Government agencies and authorities, the national security services


5 - Saturdays

Date: 6th,13th, 20th, 27th August,and 3rd September 


University of Ghana Business School Graduate Building, Presec junction opposite the Goil filling station.

Steps would be taken to ensure strict adherence to all the approved protocols relating to the Covid 19 pandemic. 


Payment by cash or cheque written to University of Ghana Business School. International participants should please contact us for applicable fees. 

Course fees cover training materials, certificates, snackes and lunch. We also offer customized training and in-house training solutions, certificate courses, research and consultancy. 

Contact; email:, 

Call: 0303964334, 0203000960, 0503394283, 0249368531

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