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Various Types of Internships

There are many types of internships for students, new graduates, and career changers who are looking to get relevant work experience prior to getting a job or entering a new career field.

What Is Co-Operative Education
Co-operative education gives students the best of all worlds, learning in the classroom and applying that knowledge to the real world.

What is an Internship
An internship is a pre-professional experience that provides an opportunity to gain relevant knowledge and skills prior to starting out in a particular career field.

Types of Internships
Internships provide real world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field. Internships are relatively short term in nature with the primary focus on getting some on the job training and taking what’s learned in the classroom and applying it to the real world. Interns generally have a supervisor who assigned…

Paid Internships
Paid internships offer students a way to gain relevant knowledge and skills required to succeed in a specific career field while making some money through an hourly wage, salary, or stipend over the course of the internship.

Internships for Credit
Internships for credit provide students with academic credit to be included on their college transcript. Usually a faculty sponsor will work alongside a site supervisor to evaluage the student's overall progress over the course of the internship.

Internships for Non Profits
Non profit internships involve working for organizations such as: charities, universities, government agencies, religious organizations, and some hospitals and are usually unpaid.

Summer Internships
Summer internships offer students an opportunity to get some concrete work experience and be able to try out what it's actually like working in a particular career field. Many summer internships are paid but a number of summer internships are also available in the world of non profits.

Service Learning
Service learning provides students an opportunity to meet specific learning objectives through doing some form of community service work. The objective of the experience is that the recipient and the provider of the service both mutually gain from the experience.

Externships (job shadowing) usually are very short term experiences spent with someone currently working on one's career field of interest. An externship can last anywhere's from one day to several weeks. It is similar to an internship but with minimal commitment.

Finding Internships in Tech Field
The key to finding a good internship and/or jobin technology is to make yourself a competitive candidate by getting some experience in the field.

The Golden Age of Internships
Paid internships offer emloyers an opportunity to get th most talented, knowledgeable, and skilled interns who may turn into future full-time employees.

The Various Forms of Experiential Education
Hiring new employees who have completed some form of experiential education is a key factor for many organizations today. These experiential experiences can go by a number of names; including, internships, co-ops, practicums, service learning, externships, apprenticeships, fellowships, as well as volunteer opportunities.

What Types of Internships are Available?
Internships may be paid or unpaid, for-credit or not-for-credit, and are available in a wide variety of fields from both the profit and non profit sectors of the job market.

Do I Want to Do an Internship for Credit ?
Internships for credit can offer an experience that is rewarding and geared specifically toward your academic coursework.

Internships - Not - For - Credit
Students not in need of academic credit can do internships where they do not need to complete paperwork or meet academic guidelines set by their college.

Internships for Credit
Internships for credit give students an opportunity to combines their college coursework with gaining relevant work experience by meeting certain academic criteria usually developed by faculty and in collaboration with the onsite supervisor.

Transcript Notations
Many employers will accept transcript notations or a letter from the college stating that the college recognizes the value of the internship and its relation to the student’s academic success. Transcript notations may be offered by colleges in addition to offering credit for summer internships.


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