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When Your Job Search Hits Rock Bottom….

Lisa Kaye

and the world around you has turned upside down, what do you do?  When all of your job search efforts, interviews, breakfast meetings and resume re-writes lead you to the same place, nowhere, who do you turn to for help?   When it’s no longer enough to keep going, sometimes you reach for a little divine inspiration, sometimes you want to give up.   You know when you’ve reached the end of the road, this is the time to pick up where you left off and start all over again. The old way of doing things, whether it’s working or not, always seems a better option at times like this than venturing forth and trying something new. When your job search hits rock bottom it’s time to push away the rubble and climb out of your hole.

It might seem that you can’t even fathom how you can venture back to the beginning and start all over again. But you can and you must. Â When you reach rock bottom, and trust me we all have, it’s a time of renewal and an opportunity to shed light on what it is you really want. Â Your temptation may be to run and hide, but life will seek you out no matter what rock you choose to hide under. Let’s face it, it’s never easy starting over. Looking back, clinging to the past even if it didn’t work, is much more comforting to us in times of trouble than figuring out the next game plan and how best to attack your career strategy.

When the job you want does not materialize or it does and we decide we no longer want it, it’s time to make a change. Â Career change right now is one of the hardest areas anyone has to deal with. Since our economy is plagued with uncertainty and scarcity, the options left to us are limited and we are forced to create our own path and forge ahead or, in most cases, we are forced to cling to what we have even though we know it no longer works for us. That in and of itself is a scary proposition. Â It takes a certain amount of foresight to know which path to choose and an even greater amount of courage to actually start moving in that direction. But trust me once you do you’ll never want to look back.

When you hit rock bottom it’s time to pick yourself up and get moving again. Â Even if that movement is in circles, it’s okay, you need to pick up momentum and find your way out. Â Finding temporary work, asking friends and family if you could work with them for awhile, even being brave enough to create your own work, are all steps in the right direction even if your ultimate goal is to find another job. Â Hitting rock bottom doesn’t mean you’ve come to the proverbial end of the road. Â It does imply you’ve come to the end of this road, but another one is just up ahead, if you only take the necessary steps to move towards it.

Starting over, beginning anew, making a fresh start are all encouraging expressions for what is a really scary prospect. Â It doesn’t mean that you should fear the unknown, but it does mean that you should fear not knowing when it’s time to move on. Â When something no longer works for you, whether you are in a job you can’t stand, a job transition that is going no where, or still trying to find your way, the prospects of moving forward into the unknown might be scary, but the fear of being stuck in the past is far more troublesome in the long run.

If you find yourself  at the end of this road and are about to embark on a new path, it’s okay to be afraid – we won’t think any less of you.  Just know that taking even one small step forward is a big enough start in a journey where the other foot will soon follow-remember, it’s got no where else to go.
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